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The Packaging and Food Businesses in the MENA Region… Simply too Vast

Experiencing the highest rate of population growth over any other region in the world; MENA is much more than a regional group, it is a force that is working together to boost business opportunities; the world in this day and age foresees the MENA region as a premeditated potential hot-spot for investments and commercial cooperation.

The packaging sector in MENA has a very dynamic pace of growthdue to new demographic patterns that have positively affected the packaging market in MENA. Suburbanization and evolution in consumer lifestyles have driven the demand for packaging solutions that are modern and have better visual appeal.

The market has also witnessed a substantialmodification in the purchasing attitude of clienteles, with customers demanding more flexible packaging solutions over rigid packing. Growing demand for retail products has also fueled the massive growth of the market.

  • 400 Million Consumers
  • Population Growth of 6 % Annually
  • 60 % of the World's Oil Reserves
  • 45 % of the World's Natural Gas Reserves
  • 9 % of the World's Population
  • 30 % of the Overall Population Between the Age of 15 and 29
  • MENA Packaging Sector is Estimated at US$ 41 Billion
  • MENA Packaging Machinery Imports is Set to Grow at 11% Annually
  • MENA Packaging Sector is Expected to Reach US$ 53 Billion by 2019
  • Middle Eastern Packaging sector Growth CAGR is 6.3%
  • North Africa Packaging sector Growth CAGR is 6.9%
  • The MENA Region Accounts for 8% of the Global Flexible Packaging Sales.

Already gathering humongous momentum; the MENA food market is increasingly being driven by rapid population growth, increase of disposable incomes and diverse affluent consumers demanding new trends, tastes and products.

The packed food sector also continues to grow at a healthy pace setting the region as one of the fastest growing territories all over the world, with more potential to be seen and more business opportunities to be granted to visionary investors and key players in the non-stop evolving world of food industries.

  • The MENA Region's Food Market is Valued at US$ 0.5 Trillion
  • The MENA Region's Food Market is Excpected to Triple Reaching US$ 1 Trillion by 2030
  • The MENA Region's Food Sector Machinery Imports is Expected to Grow at 11% Annually
  • The Food and Beverage Franchise Market in the MENA Region is Worth $30 Billion
  • 70 % of the MENA Packaging Materials are Dedicated to the Food & Beverage Industries
  • The MENA Food Sector Currently Accounts for 12% of Global Trade in Agri-food Products